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KCI Communications is an investment advisory publishing company founded in 1984. Its mission is to deliver accurate and timely information on the financial markets and give sound investment advice to individual investors.

Its specialized publications provide in-depth coverage of their respective financial arenas, making them key sources for individual investors. As people increasingly make their own investment decisions rather than rely on the advice of brokers, the demand for unbiased, lucid financial information is tremendous. KCI prides itself on being one of the nation's top providers of this information.

KCI's flagship publication is the award-winning newsletter Personal Finance. Founded in 1974 as The Inflation Survival Letter, it has become one of the largest-circulation investment advisory newsletters in the country, with about 120,000 subscribers. Year after year it has given readers safe, substantial profits in addition to practical financial advice.

Other KCI newsletters are Utility Forecaster and Wall Street Winners.  KCI also provides specialty short-term trading services, Roger Conrad's Power Plays and Trading Floor Pro , which are delivered online or via fax due to their extremely time-sensitive data. 

For all of our products, objectivity is paramount: The publications accept no advertising, thereby eliminating any conflict with their editors' and writers' frank assessments of financial tools, investments or institutions. And unlike many brokerages and mutual fund companies, KCI has no vested interest in the securities recommended in its publications.

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